Journey Updates


I’m now about a month in on posting on Tiktok. The support has been incredible!! I’m now sold out of all my books!! All orders have been preorders and I have over 450+ of them!!

It’s breathe taking that so many people are on this journey with me! People not just from the USA but all over the globe! The impact that we are going to make on our kids will be life changing in such an amazing way!

Right now I’m waiting to receive the books from my manufacturer which takes about 30-40 days. 
I only ordered a certain amount so that’s why it’s important to put your preorder in that way it guarantees you a book from this shipment.

After that I’ll start shipping immediately :)! I’ll be back to post again on next Monday! See you on Tiktok! 


I have been posting on Tiktok for the past few weeks and I have to say it has been incredible!! I received over 300 orders and they are still coming in!! I can’t think everyone enough for this!

Thank you for joining me on this mission of making kids confidence and self-esteem a priority💙

I am now out of my latest shipment of books which means all orders for right now are all preorders! Preordering helps small business owners out so much and I thank everyone that’s continuously placing your order. It means a lot!

My new book “I  Am Amazing Just The Way I Am” will be in soon!  This is exciting! Cant wait!! 


Promises To ABCs now has 200 copies in a elementary school in the DISD district!! 


Its been a insane week!! Thank you for all the orders this week! Promises To ABCs is in so many different states around the US and now even in Canada and Australia! 

Next step is presenting to the school boards to get it taught in school. It’s going to be a lot of work but I am up for the task. It’s important for our kids. Our kids mental health is top priority💙


Today is Monday and I have to say this past weekend has been incredible!! I got a chance to read and talk with so many kids as well as being at the Dallas Farmers Market!

Here’s some pictures!!


Just dropped off some books at Laughing Willow in the Bishop Arts District in Dallas Tx.

I have now have custom packages , stickers, and thank you cards as well!😁


My books are finally in!! It’s been a long wait and I appreciate everyone for waiting through this storm with me!!! You all are amazing! 

This past weekend as soon as my books got in I mailed out all the orders the went to this amazing book store/ art gallery called Pan African Connection to talked to people about my book and future books to come! I also sold a lot and signed every single copy. I’ll more than likely be going there every Sunday.

Be on the look out for my next book release! 😁🧠📚



While I am waiting for my books to be sent to me from the highly delayed ports due to COVID-19 I have been using this time to be extremely productive!

I‘ve wrote some many more books that I can’t wait to share with you all! As of right now I’m writing even more and being patience even though I want my books now :( it’s out of my hands. 

I’ll continue to keep you all updated. Much love and mental healthiness to you all 💙 

Promises To ABCs is now located in 6 different states and 8 different daycares!! This book has taken the world by storm! It’s so exciting seeing the impact that this book is making on the world! My goal is to get this book in every school and daycare. Mental health is the most important thing to take care of when it comes to our kids and ourselves! I congratulate you for being here and making it a priority for your kids as well.