I Am Amazing Just The Way I Am! (E-BOOK)
I Am Amazing Just The Way I Am! (E-BOOK)

I Am Amazing Just The Way I Am! (E-BOOK)

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Even if you don’t have the nicest things or if you are to short, to tall, wear glasses, or even think different you are amazing just the way you are! That’s what this book is about, helping our kids to realize that they are amazing through fun rhythm reading and amazing pictures inside the book! 

Who is this book for?

Moms and Dads who want to build their
children's self esteem.

Teachers and educators that want to teach
their students about acceptance and

What will my child learn?

Acceptance of themselves because they
are uniquely made.

Confidence through rhythm reading of
words they can relate to.

How will my child benefit?

Your child will be able to feel good about
themselves because they know how
special they are.