Collection: Lynn & Glynn Wearable Personal Portable Air Purifier Sanitizer Necklace

  • 【ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY】 -- Using the special professional technology to release a lot of oxygen. anion can effectively remove PM2.5 in the air,smoke,pollen,odor and other pollutants.
  • 【EASY TO CARRY】 -- Mini and portable. Round. Compact size: 60*55*16mm/2.4in*2.2in*0.7in. Weight:30g. White/black/pink/blue 4 color options. enjoy your job, your rest, ensure you have a trip in a clean environment.
  • 【HIGH EFFICIENCY AIR PURIFIER】 -- The negative ion concentration reaches 6000000pcs / cm3. rapid purification of 15s. and the battery life can last for 48 hours.
  • 【EASY TO USE】 -- Our wearable mini air purilier with necklace could be powered on by micro-usb charger. Press the on/ off button 2 seconds, and when the indicator light turns blue, you can use it to wear wherever you want to be cleaned.
  • 【USEFUL ALMOST ANYWHERE】 -- By releasing a lot of oxygen anion,it can effectively remove the harmful gas for Home, Office, Outdoor, Car, Petroom, etc. Remove smoke,bad smell and harmful gas which is released from the car such as plastic and paint smell. Anion can help promote metabolism,activate cells,refresh your mind and relieve symptoms of motion sickness.


-When the blue indicator no longer lights without press the power button,

or you can not turn the device on,it shows the batterial low,please charge it.

-Please connect the charge cable into the micro-usb plug.

-During charging,the power indicator flashing red,when charging is completed the power indicator turns red.



-Do not apply to people who use cardiac pacemaker.

-Do not let water or other liquid enter when cleaning product.

-Do not start the machine when you are charging. 

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